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From an engineer navigating the intricate designs of auto parts to a transformative leader guiding professionals through career intricacies, Sherry Welsh has experienced it all. Her journey, spanning over two decades at Bosch, saw her rise as one of the “Top 100 Women” in the Automotive Industry, and later, as a rare female presence in the executive ranks.

Yet, it wasn't just the automotive lanes she sped through. Sherry steered her leadership through global sales roles and managed diverse teams across Paris, Amsterdam, Brazil, New York, and more. But amidst the boardrooms and international meetings, she found her true north: teaching and training.

Sherry has a true passion for Young Professionals. Remember the thrill of your first internship or the anticipation of your first job interview? Sherry gets it. She's been there, and she knows the unique challenges you face. Through her training, you'll learn to weave your experiences into a compelling narrative, kickstarting your journey in the professional world with confidence.

Sherry's vast experience in large corporations equips her to guide Mid-Career Professionals through the complexities of mid-career transitions. Her training modules, enriched by real-world scenarios, offer insights into professional development, leadership transitions, and maximizing your impact.

And the Seasoned Professionals: You've seen the ebb and flow of industries, witnessed changes, and left legacies. Sherry's teaching approach for you is about mentorship, legacy, and continuous growth. With her, you'll explore new avenues, redefine success, and discover ways to give back.

The cornerstone of Sherry's teaching and training? A deep belief in co-created agreements and the power of experiential learning. Introduced to this philosophy by her master coach, Steve Chandler, Sherry ensures that every participant emerges with clear, actionable insights. Whether it's role-playing, scenario analysis, or deep-dive sessions, Sherry’s methodologies resonate with professionals at every stage.

Ultimately, Sherry’s coaching creates an environment in which you can slow down, gain new perspectives, and begin to see your own power—that you are the creator of your own world—enabling you to take ownership of your choices, career, and personal life.

Sherry Welsh, CEO


An evolutionary step for understanding and improving male-female relationships in the workplace

This timely guide pinpoints exactly what men in leadership positions need to understand and do to effectively manage individuals and teams. When men and women better understand one other, both the leader and those who report to them will:

  • Feel heard and supported to do the best job possible.

  • Handle challenging situations more positively and constructively.

  • Feel free to candidly discuss professional needs and wants.

  • Improve overall communication skills, from group interactions to one-on-one meetings.

After decades of working with men and women at all levels of organizations, Sherry Welsh provides managers with highly actionable strategies for navigating the difficult landscape of leading with clarity, while empowering direct reports to take control of their professional lives. When people feel valued, the leader is positioned to coach and manage effectively, resulting in elevated levels of productivity, a greater return on investment, and successful attainment of individual and group goals.

From #MeToo to #WeToo shows you how to understand and improve male-female relationships while leading your organization to greatness!

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Slowing Down: Unexpected Ways to Thrive as a Female Leader

With our current global world running at the speed of light, slowing down seems counterproductive, but the wonderful truth is just the opposite: Slowing down produces greater success in all aspects of life. Slowing down helps you uncover hidden possibilities, see the powerful choices in each moment, and live in alignment with what's most important: your core values.

With this book:

  • Identify and release limiting beliefs to experience more freedom.

  • Use both your masculine and feminine energy for success.

  • Enjoy greater ownership of your life.

  • See opportunities to thrive that you haven't seen before.

Sherry Welsh is an Engineer by education who developed into a Global Sales Leader, Professional Coach, and Author. She spent 25 years in the corporate arena working with global teams in manufacturing industries. While at Bosch, she was named one of the Top 100 Leading Women in the Automotive Industry. Her Slowing Down methods of leadership coaching blend traditional and contemporary philosophies that help high-performing executives and their teams find the unexpected path to thriving.

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