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2012_0322_Welsh_smEven if you’re accustomed to performing at a high level, sometimes it feels like circumstances are against you and all you can do is react to external forces.

When that happens, how do you communicate effectively with colleagues who don’t have to listen to you? How do you motivate your discouraged, worn-out team? How do you get to the next level in your field? How do you balance career and family without compromising your standards on either front?

You have options. You have control—even when you don’t feel like you do.WBE_color_rgb_web_P

In my coaching practice, I leverage my in-depth understanding of the corporate world—gained through 25 years of experience in positions ranging from junior accountant to senior vice president of global corporations—and my training in energy leadership to shift your perspective so that you can see your own power.

When we work together, we’ll slow things down and quiet the noise that comes from your situations, environments, and emotions. You’ll begin to see new possibilities and directions, and start questioning beliefs that hold you back from higher levels of performance. You’ll find yourself master of your own destiny once again—able to communicate with and lead your colleagues more effectively, able to ask for what you want, and able to take ownership of the choices you make in your career and personal life.

You don’t need to keep treading water, only going through the motions at work and at home, waiting to be happy…later. You can start living your ideal life, NOW.

Call me at 734.582.3342 to talk about coaching. I also invite you to take advantage of the free resources that I’ve made available—explore my blog, check out the podcast library, or subscribe to my email.

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Slowing Down: Unexpected Ways to Thrive as a Female Leader
Slowing Down: Unexpected Ways to Thrive as a Female Leader
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