Your Kids are Watching You…

Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts I have ever known.  But great responsibility comes with the receipt of that gift!  Often I find my son catching me doing something that I have taught him not to do… for example not making eye contact with him when I am speaking to him; not turning on my blinker when making a turn; answering the phone during dinner when I have taught him that is what voicemail is for; and a more serious offense like texting while driving.

The role we have as leaders in our home is one of great responsibility when we have children modeling our behavior.  I have to say, it may be embarrassing to be called out by a child, but I am grateful that he gently reminds me to be true to my values and words by acting accordingly.

Every now and then we all trip up… after all, that’s what makes us human!  If we were perfect all of the time, it would be a very cold, controlled world.  So be easy on yourself when you slip up and realize your actions are not always aligned with your values.  Be open to the feedback an innocent child can give you… after all, it’s a great thing when they are watching you rather than ignoring you!