What Position Do You Play?

I had a discussion with my son recently on what position is the most important on a team.  He loves football and talked about how he wants to be either corner or wide receiver.  I asked him what about those positions is so interesting?  He said because that’s where the action is… they are the most important positions on the team!  His coaches have wanted him to play on the line, as he is built for it, but he has absolutely no interest.  He sees them as lesser roles.

So we had a great dialogue around how every position on a team is necessary and critical, otherwise, they would not exist.  It is the same for organizations.  As we look at hierarchies in each company, we are led to believe that certain positions are more critical and more valuable than others.  When in reality, if your role was not critical to the company, it would not exist!

Many get on a career path because they are told “that”s where the money is”, or “that”s where the opportunities are”.  Actually, opportunities surround us each and every day.  We sometimes don”t see them as we are so focused on reaching the positions of “importance” that we miss the experience and learning in the position we are currently playing.  When we make the most of the current position we are in, we are improving and getting stronger so when the next challenging position is presented to us, we are equipped to take it… and to succeed in it!