The Choices We Make

I recently had my little boy totally melt down due to stress.  He has multiple projects due at school with the deadlines looming before the holidays.  It creeped up on him and he became totally overwhelmed.  I suggested to him (in the middle of a tear-filled meltdown) that he choose to stay in from recess and work on one of the projects.  He whined that he needs recess and that wasn’t a good idea.  I reminded him that he has basketball after school so he will still get physical activity for the day.

When he got home from school, the meltdown continued as he wasn’t any closer to getting any of the projects done!  I asked him if he chose to stay in from recess… he looked at me sheepishly and said, “no”.

We all make choices throughout the day which results in how we choose to spend our 24 hours for that day.  We have been blessed with free will.  However, so many of us believe that we really have no choice and that “life” has all of these demands on us (project deadlines, etc.).

The good news is that we all have the power to choose how we will spend our time.  We can choose to spend it on something productive or something less productive, sometimes even destructive.

Think about how you start your day… do you start it with the morning news in the background as you rush through breakfast.  How about choosing to get up a few minutes earlier, turning the TV off and having a discussion with your spouse or kids over a more relaxed breakfast?  The choice is yours!