Good Samaritan

If you know the story of the Good Samaritan, you may think it would be hard to imagine any good deeds like that happening these days… It seems we live in a very self-centered, instant gratification world. Well, I have to tell you what happened to me recently, helped me open up and remember there are so many kind, generous, loving people out there that we have forgotten about…

I was up early on a Saturday and heading downtown to a charity event. On the way, I had a flat tire but was able to get to the dealer. I missed the event, the dealer was not yet open but they let me in to see what they could do. I had a breakfast meeting planned with a friend that now I thought I might miss as well. The dealer fixed my tire and I was on my way… I went to the restaurant (Rebecca”s in Northville, MI) and waited for my friend. She never showed. I was concerned about her as she did not respond to phone calls or text messages. I ordered something quickly (I don”t like to eat alone but I did this time) and was eager to leave as my son had a football game that I was already late for. As I went to pay the bill, the waitress said, “someone picked up your breakfast for you”. I was shocked and said, “why”? This had never happened to me before. She just said, “consider it your lucky day”!

Now, based on all that had happened that day so far, it was far from lucky in the traditional sense. But what I found, many people along the way had gone out of their way to help me when I needed it. It is so easy to overlook the kindness and generosity of others and focus only on all the things that went wrong. The Good Samaritan at Rebecca”s reminded me to focus on what goes right.  It feels so much better living in positive energy rather than negative!