Do You Worry Too Much?

Are you one of those people who worries about your kids when you’re at work and then worry about work when you’re with your kids?  How crazy does that sound?  You are not alone… it happens to everyone!

Let’s see how to break this insanity down a bit.  We’ll start with what “worry” means.  One definition is “To feel uneasy or concerned about something.”  What does “something” mean?  If we look at the context of being concerned about a possibility that “something” may be happening to “someone”, “somewhere” at that given time or at “some point” in the future.  That’s a whole lot of “some”s to worry about!

The key to manage the stress associated with worrying is to remember that you only have influence and control over what is right in front of you, at that moment.  The past is over and the future is unknown.  So doesn’t it make sense to spend your energy on what is currently in front of you?  If you are at work, then focus on the task at hand and give it all you have.  If you are with your kids or spouse, then focus on them and give them all you have, at that moment.  This is what is know as “Carpe Diem”.

So… seize the moment and your worrying days will be over!