Are you trying to be fixed?

So often I have clients come to me saying something like:
“Can you coach her so she can fit in here?”
“I’m unhappy at work and I don’t know how to fix it.”
“I got feedback from my boss and I want to fix it.”
There is nothing to “fix”!  None of us are broken.  So often we compare ourselves to some other standard believing it is how we should be.
Or we want someone else to “improve”.  Whether it is in their relationship with others, the work they do, their behaviors, or even just the words they use.  I heard an expert in the field say, “If you want someone to change, the way to do it is to inspire them to change, not require them to change.”  How true.  It applies to ourselves as well!
I received this inspirational post recently from Lissa Rankin (can’t recommend her enough!!):
“Today, will you refuse to be the savior, because nobody is broken and nobody needs saving?  
Today, will you refuse to be the victim, because you create your own reality and the world is NOT out to get you?  
Today, will you refuse to be the villain, because life is hard, so why not be kind?  
When you’re not busy saving people, feeling victimized, or hurting others, it’s so much easier for me to radiate my light.  
Without complexes,

Your Inner Pilot Light “

Be who you are today without the thoughts of “fixing” yourself or anyone else… embrace all you have learned and experienced up to this point that has made you who you are.  Keep in mind the same applies to everyone else in your world… there is nothing and no one to fix!