Are You a Leader?

How do you define leadership?  Typically, we think of the CEO in the corner office as the epitome of “leadership”.  However, leadership affects every aspect of our lives in all the roles we play.  If you are a parent, you are a leader for your children.  If you have a spouse, you are a leader in your marriage.  If you play on a sports team, you are a leader in your specific position on the team, etc.

The definition I have found that I feel suits the many roles of leadership is: “leadership is the ability to motivate and inspire others to be their best, as well as, if not more importantly, the ability to motivate and inspire yourself to be your best”.

If you are a leader of a team in your company, the colleagues that report to you will constantly be evaluating whether you “walk the talk”.  The key to successful leadership is believing and living all that you are telling others to do.  This applies to employees, kids, teammates, friends, etc.  Living and leading authentically is easier to do than we imagine.  When we live in conflict with our values, we are not leading ourselves authentically.  This leads to stress, burn-out, frustration, resentment, and ultimately illness.  There are many tools you can utilize to help you check in with yourself as to whether what you are saying and doing are in alignment with your values…more to come on this!

The question is not whether you are a leader.  The question really is:  how well do you lead?